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  If you live in Kirkland or the surrounding area we would like the opportunity to become your family Veterinarian. Your pet's health and well being is our main concern and our goal is for you and your pet to receive quality care at affordable prices.

My Pets Vet Clinic  services include wellness care, spay and neutering, vaccinations and both interstate and international health certificates as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. We are a walk-in clinic, except for surgical and/or dental procedures and international health certificates, which require an appointment.

We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call 425-889-0808 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you.  

You can find directions on how to get to our clinic on our Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which is created especially for our clients.  In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles.


FEBRUARY 24, 2015

Cat Spays & Neuters         $  40.00

Dog Neuters                      $  89.00

Dog Spays Under 60 lbs.   $100.00

Additional charges my apply for animals that are overweight, geriatric, in heat or have other medical conditions.

Call and make your appointment today.  Limited space available!

February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month

Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats. More than 68 percent of all pets older than 3 have some form of periodontal or dental disease. Often, your pet’s bad breath is the only obvious symptom of dental disease. Most every pet owner has experienced their dog or cat breathing that horrible stench directly into their face. The bad breath comes from tartar buildup which contains a lot of bacteria.

Therefore, it is imperative to establish a home dental care program for your pet. There are many different things that pet owners can do to help keep their pet’s teeth healthy. Brushing your dog’s teeth is unquestionably the best preventative. Not all dogs will allow their owners to do this unless you get them used to it at a very early age. Brushing your pet’s teeth every day is recommended.

Feeding dry food and crunchy treats actually helps scrape the plaque off their teeth as they are chewing. Prescription treats are available that have plaque-fighting medicine in them making prevention much easier. Also, several special pet mouth rinses can be used to help prevent plaque.

 Why not let National Pet Dental Awareness be a reminder to have your pet’s teeth examined this month? Give us a call and make your appointment today!

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